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Spiky eared Pichu doesn't appear in the pokedex, and there are differences between the spiky eared one and the regular one, like one is only obtainable by event but the other one is obtainable in different areas in different games. Also it could be added to the Pichu pokedex.
Some differences
- Spiky eared can't be shiny/ regular can be shiny
- Spiky eared can't be bred/ regular can be bred
So if possible, please add this other version of pichu to the pokedex.

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I think the main reason it isn't in the pokedex is because even though it is a special pichu, it doesn't have its own separate pokedex number that sets it aside.
Rather then that, a good addition to the pokebase is having a column that has "Special Event Pokémon" and a link to a page that says more about that pokemon and the event that it was in.
Maybe an alternate form.
It should be in Pichus sprite gallery

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There is not much different about the spiky eared Pichu apart from the look. So the sprites are shown on the pokedex: http://pokemondb.net/pokedex/pichu#dex-sprites
With our new Pokedex intros that form will get mentioned in there.

Are you sure it can't be shiny? Because we have a shiny sprite for the spiky eared Pichu...

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There is a Shiny Spikey-Eared Pichu sprite programmed in the game, but it isn't obtainable due to its PVs, which are set to make that particular Pichu non-Shiny.
So I guess that's where the sprite came from.
Yeah it can't be a shiny... That is how it was programmed...