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Get rid of the Character Limit, PM.

People can't finish their RMT's ;-;

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I'm literally being serious here :3
I agree, there's nothing more annoying than spending 25 minutes on an RMT and then finding you have to cut it down to size. Same with the answers.
25 mins? I spend about 45 xD and I'm a quick typer.
I then spend another 20 mins cutting it down removing the core of the post...
Mine took like 2 hours not including my team process. Maybe I just suck at typing...
Same here Blob, and you saw I had to take out the whole Teambuilding process and a threat list and a conclusion and a much longer explaination to each of the Pokemon...
Idunno, it takes me about 5 minutes for all the sprites and importing, and then like 20 to type it all up. I usually end up with around 9000 characters.
Not even thinking about bumping this up :D

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I've looked into this and it's quite difficult to do, sorry.

Maybe try starting without images. Just have the Pokemon, moves, other details and a little explanation for each one. Then add images in afterward.

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