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People are changing usernames way to often. This is got to stop. Like once 3-4 people had -1 & --1 & -------- and so on. (In Chat) Why do some people think they have the privilege to go crazy with the Name - Changer? This should be only for people who won't mess around with their names.

To be honest I did it once or twice but I knew immediately after it was wrong.

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It was a mod that started that.

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There's actually nothing we can do about it, unless PM implements something like:

  • No more changes after your first one (the name change would be stuck there)
  • Manual change by Moderators (but maybe we would get out of hand ;) )
  • Punishment for someone who abuses the name changing

Otherwise, no one but PM, who isn't online too often, can do anything :C

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I think the number 2 and 3 are should be done.
You could just set a name change limit.
^^ Exactly.
I really don't think those rules should apply if 1. It's temporary and will be changed back or 2. It's a minor change, e.g. Jar Jar ---> JarJar.
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Restricting to one (or even 2-3) changes is complex to implement and will just cause hassle with people who made typos or changed without realising they only get one chance.

I said in the username change thread that we may temporarily ban people for changing their name too much, and that still stands. People changing their name too much will get banned until the name change period is over.

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