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Make Role Playing a nono.

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Ok, so today, I was on chat. There were some Rp'ers and they were itching to fight. So I told them to go to a showdown server. Then they started yelling and screaming. I got kicked for telling them to stop! So when I came back, the started again. Thanks.

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I see how it is annoying to you, but other people want to do it, and unless it becomes major flooding, it's not a problem. You can just leave if t annoys you.
Yeah... it gets annoying sometimes, but as long as it isn't heaps of spam theres nothing you can do to stop it. It's a chat room :P
Annoying, sure. Something we should ban, no.
In all honesty I don't get why people would RP on DB chat, since there are so many other forums that specifically accommodate RP, but if they really want to do it here, then it's fine as long as they don't break any rules.
If they were just looking for a fight, then that's why they should be kicked/ banned, not because they were RPing.
I do roleplay all the time with other users, but it's Pokemon battle roleplay. We have a ton of fun. I don't see why we should make us all have to stop roleplaying when it was just a few users.
Didn't lefloss already adress this?
This was posted before Leboss's post.
Nvm me then :x

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Answering to get this off unanswered.

RPing will only be a kickable offense if it breaks any of the other chat rules, such as spamming. However, it is highly suggested that RPers be directed to the database showdown server, where there is a lobby for RPing.

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