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Well, it has come to my attention that the chat has recently gotten way out of control recently, and not necessarily bad manner, but more of a chaotic type of chat. Lately, there have been many issues of a lot of users adopting RP chatting, where they basically role play to chat with one another. Now, this is really not bad to be honest, but i'd like to state a few common points where i believe it gets out of hand and is just too much...

  • People RPing (roleplaying) love lives on the chat. Now, i, along with many other users, really dont care if 2 DB members get together in a relationship, good for them. However, this really doesnt "explain" the 'love life' users RP. They take more of a flirting matter, which if you ask me, is pretty pathetic. They usually RP silly things like hugs a certain user, and the more intimate kisses certain user. As previously stated before, this really wouldnt bug some people if they were like together or something, but the fact that people have begun to do this "for fun" is the problem. Since not everyone really wants to RP all the damn time, and this RP sessions clogging up the chat, it's somewhat interfering with the people who just regularly want to chat, due to the inconsistency of the chat.

  • Spam. Most of these RP sessions arent usually short, and people often tend to get out of hand when they have too much fun. Well, the db is pro-fun, but if spam gets involved, the DB is also pro-kick. These RP sessions usually bring a great deal of spam, with pretty stupid stuff like excessive amounts of punctuations AFTER the user has written their RP sentence, thus clogging the chat. Another spammed RP incident is the previously mentioned hugs and kisses stuff. Now, that is possibly one of the most awkward things, trying to chat while a group of people literally have an online orgy/makeout session(excuse my language). But yeah, think of it as real life, where you're talking to someone, and then like 4 or 5 people just start making out next to you... Weird and extremely uncomfortable, even for the internet. So yeah, the RP tends to lead to spam and usually unwelcome uncomfortablity.

  • Not stopping when asked to. You might be thinking "Well, gee, just tell em to shut up and shall end well, gosh." Well, you see, it's not that easy. When asked kindly to stop, they just say that RPing is fun and whatnot, and just continue. When told in a more strict/rude manner, they just cry and whine (in RP's of course) about how mods (when most of the time, it wasnt even a mod who said it) are mean for not letting them RP. I mean, most of the time, it's the stubbornness of these people that leads them to argue with the mods, making chat a literal hell.

So in conclusion, I'm asking whether or not anything will be done about this manner, such as a kick, warning, temp ban, or something, idk, im not one to decide. And regarding your opinion, show it through the voting system, not by some useless comment war in the comment section.

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We fix this by making multiple chat servers. If we are allowed to do that.
I'm one of the reasons for this problem and I say we make a way to live in peace
Have a normal chat
And have a RP chat.
I suggested many times doing this and was ignored everytime.
Kind of a hummed.
The only other way to fix this is to ban everyone who RPs.
I prefer option one.
If PM, Scizor, or whoever (not me, I don't know a single thing about this kind of stuff, I have enough problems with the /commands) could spare the time, perhaps an RP lobby for the Showdown server can solve this problem.
I'll look into that.
That'd be easy, Zarel added a room command.
/makeroom annoying rp's?
Perfect. Time to overuse "Go get a room" on everybody. You'll be sick of that phrase by week's end.
I've made a RP room. You wanna RP then type /join roleplaying

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I think RPing is fine, and the points you brought up are valid.

  • Flirting is a no-no. that is a warning and then a kick.

  • Spamming, if it is 2-4 users on chat and 2 are RPing, I think that they aren't bugging a convo. If uncomfortable messages and junk show up, then matters will be dealt with.

  • Not stopping when asked, just throw a screenshot on the BR and I'll ask the user politely to respect others.

Role-playing is fine, but rules of imagination apply. Know your limits.

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If flirting is a kick then every girl on the site gets kicked right off the bat when I join XD

Other than Candy (keldizion)
She doesn't flirt
I don't flirt. ;_;
But yet again, I never said what my gender was so that's ambiguous. :3
And just asking, are you saying that flirting is a no-no because of the spam it will produce? I don't understand how that could be bad... o_o
'Flirting is a no-no. that is a warning and then a kick. '

Whelp. I'm screwed.
Don't worry slash. We can still meet on ori. :3