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I'm sorry, why are these questions upvoted?

What Are Skyla's Pokemon & Stats?
Is Training Cubchoo Worth It? (look at the BA) EDIT: the BA was changed after I posted this
What Are Drayden's Pokemon & Stats?
What are all the Gym Leaders?
How do I get the kings rock in Black2/White2?
Where to find a Poliwag/Poliwhirl and Slowpoke?
How Come Caterpie Is One Of The Pokemon That Evolve So Fast?

All of the upvotes are literally within minutes, if not seconds, of asking the questions. Usually when someone upvotes a question, it's either interesting or difficult enough to be unanswered for a few hours. Nearly none of these questions are asking questions that you couldn't find the answer for by Googling and looking at a Bulbapedia page.

By the way, notice any common denominators in all these questions?

Btw, if a mod sees my hidden post that's the same one as this one, please ignore it. I was going to wait until someone saw that and reshows it, since I accidentally clicked the hide button (again) instead of the edit button (le derp), but the questions just kept coming so I decided to make a new post.

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This too. It got upvoted right after it got asked.
Wait, so this doesn't belong on the Ban Report?
*Question about questions getting upvotes has 6 upvotes* DATABASE LOGIC, WE LOVE YOU!
Flaf and Valet are right, the people who ask those questions know the people who answer as friends and have no qualms about selecting their answer than contains a single link over one that has taken 30 minutes to write out. Star also has a point about downvotes too, I've definitely received silly downvotes before (come on, three almost exactly the same answers and only mine gets a downvote is stupid) and I've seen it happen to others too.

It just seems to look like a bunch of people asking questions they know the answer to just so their friends can vote them and they can vote on and select their answers, while at the same time down vote people randomly.

It just annoys me to see people obsessing over points. Yea, it's happening for as long as I can remember, but ridiculous situations like this are, well... ridiculous.
@Hotcakes: I'm not asking for a ban considering that I'm not 100% sure it's really vote swapping? Mostly I think this is what's happening, but not entirely.

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I don't see any duplicate accounts from what I checked. So it's likely just people upvoting questions they personally liked.

The thing that concerned me more was bad answers getting upvoted and marked as best. As it says in the rules, a link is not an answer, and answers should have all the required detail where possible.

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I don't think that it's a simple case of people voting for questions that they liked, considering a question like "How do I get the kings rock in Black2/White2?" has 2 upvotes when the information can be easily obtained by using Google (as is the case with a few of the other questions)? Additionally, all the questions came in quick succession of each other, and the upvotes came almost immediately.

Maybe I'm just cynical though.