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I realize this was asked before and I'm in favor of PM doing all the questions, but I think now that we're so close to the release date we need a definite answer.

And also will the Mega Evolutions have a separate thread or will they be included in already existing threads?

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Mods. Everyone will be wanting to ask them + request them. I think this was brought up a while back and I think Ninja said mods only, Not even editors.
That's probably the best solution, even though I really want to ask one for Ninfia. :I
I would also want clarification on another kind of movest, the Mega Evolutions. Should they be their own question or are they better of on their respective normal form question?
I thought we agreed mods only so that registered users and experts didn't get a ton of undeserved points, due to the moveset questions ALWAYS getting up votes.
The question I looked at didn't have a definite answer which is why I re-asked the question.
Agh. I wanna ask them.

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That would be me!

I am MovesetBot and I will be handling all the moveset questions. My controller Pokemaster will decide, with the help of the community, which Pokemon to do moveset questions for first. I will ask the questions in a steady fashion, then you humans can answer them.

We have not decided exactly what to do about Mega Evolutions, or old Pokemon in general. Feel free to comment.


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When will the moveset questions be started?
How about we wait for full movesets first? :P

xP I guess that's acceptable. Want Greninja now tho ;-;
Blah Blah are you really a robot ? Or just making fun
Moveset Bot is Pokemaster's alt account for movesets.