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hello fellow meeplings!
Raz here just wandering about having animated faces? like on facebook.

:) :( :P :D :'( :/ :O etc. <---- dem things there...

I think it will be cool, but i know it might lag the server or something but its just a suggestion.

Yours sincerely:

~Razing the Meowstic


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But I like my emoticons the way they are. D:
Is it a sad person with a unibrow or a happy person with v shaped eyebrows? Call 894-067-4523 now and vote!
Seems kind of, redundant. It's in no way necessary and you can still just use the normal ones. It would just give PM more work with very little gain.
like i said, its just a suggestion :D i think it would be good
^_^ more emoticon

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Probably not going to happen as it just adds more noise to posts, sorry. Personally I thing most smileys look ugly. Normal text smileys are fine :)

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normal text smileys are better : )
I like :D