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  • What time-zone is it set to? EST, GMT, CET, Japanese timezone?
  • What is it actually counting down to? The time the shops open, the midnight launch of the game, the actual day of the release?
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The countdown uses Javascript which is something that runs in your browser (as opposed to on the server where the site comes from) so it uses your computer clock and bases the countdown on that.

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Well, firstly Pokemaster lives in England, however, with the knowledge I have (x3) I figured out that the timezone might be your timezone, depending on your computer's clock, since the countdown I'm seeing counts down from my timezone, and I'm not in England. :3

Secondly, it's counting down to the midnight launch, yes. Midnight of 11-12/10/13.

Hope I helped. :)

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lol you really didn't get the info there so it isn't a source really o.o
What do you mean I didn't get the info there? I used the actual site, not just the link.