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Maybe if you have less then 20 points (what you start with) you don't have the privilege to go on chat? Cos it means you've not been very... good? Its just a random suggestion...

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Yeah this would help with trols making dupes ect
So many users on chat don't have points, so I disagree with this.
Pokemon Knowledge has no relation to whether the person is a good person to talk to.
I agree with this, seriously.
If someone isn't bothering to get points, they shouldn't really be on this site since it is a Q&A site.
UNDER 20 points
But what about when some one has under 20 points in ONLY one section, is a good user, and has way over 20 points in the other sections... That'll be hard on the good users that are in that situation...
Yeah ender dragon is right what about the good users who have 20 pionts its not far

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