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First of all, I'd like to say this is a wonderful website and it has been a wonderful addition to my hobbies to visit this place often.
Second of all, get ready for some cheese

When I came in as a new user, I got greeted by wonderful people that helped me adapt to the way of the website until I was ready to handle it on my own. That was a long time ago, about a year back, and now the population has nearly doubled(or not, I'm not exactly counting). A lot of the new users try to enjoy it here, but it's hard when everyone is ignoring you because you're new and aren't known. Another point I'd like to address is that we have rules
like you didn't know that already, but the newer users don't and even if they do they aren't gonna read the ENTIRE page, come on, it's huge. So instead of telling them to go read the rules, just tell them the rules. All it takes is a few more keys to type and it helps them out a lot. Also try to upvote guys, if you see a good answer by a newer user it's so easy to upvote, but people don't do it because the newer users aren't worth their time and they'd rather stare at the mods(no offense, all the mods here are great :D). Just try to give some consideration to the newer users, it'll make this place a much nicer community :)

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Um...I read all the rules...
This doesn't make sense to me:
"So instead of telling them to go read the rules, just tell them the rules."
I don't get it, the rules page is what tells them the rules.
He might just mean a brief insight of what they did wrong.
If not, then yeah it is sort of silly. No offense. xD
I probably should have posted earlier, but I agree. No offense to PM, I know he tries his hardest, but my first impression of him was him hiding a couple of my posts, without telling me what I did wrong. This gave me kind of a Zeus-with-a-lightning-bolt feel at first, so I had trouble adjusting. The people who I really got to like were folks like trachy. Trachy seemed much more human to me than PM, someone I could relate to.

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Obviously on the DB we do our best to be as positive and friendly as can be, and compared to a lot of other sites where misbehavior is taken with far too much lax about it (cough smogon) we do it very well. But it can be hard sometimes. So I'd like to make a few points around.

  • The Number on new, budding users far out numbers experienced users. While we do try and be polite on chat, when around 10 people are trying to talk to you about several different things it's hard to talk to all of them. People asking for WiFi battles or trades often get ignored from people who can't do them, simply because the sheer amount of them greatly agitates many of us. We aren't trying to be rude, but if we're just getting asked things that we don't know. or trying to get us involved in conversations we really don't care about, it can be rather hard at times.

  • We are the database, a site based on having large amounts of information on tap at any time. All most all of it written info. This means, you're gonna be reading a lot, which is the point of the site. If a new user seriously can't be bothered to read the rules before they even use any info, this really isn't the site for them, with all due respect.

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true, I'm glad it's not like a showdown chat DX