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You should get a X/Y HM Chart. Also you should add it to the menu somewhere.

Now for the less obvious suggestion.
Please add False Swpie and Rock Smash. These are TMs that I still want to have on a HM slave of sorts. Also can u choose not to show things that aren't applicable (Eg Dive in X/Y).


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So you want a chart with all of the TMs and HMs on it?
I'm talking about a dynamic chart like this but for X and Y. Instead of using just HMs I think false swipe or rock smash would be useful additions to such a chart. perhaps other field moves as well like sweet scent. it might be useful to hide certain columns if you wanted to.
If you want a good HM slave in Gen VI, I use Hawlucha. I have Fly, Cut, Strength and Rock Smash. I switch Between TM False Swipe and Rock Smash time to time whichever I need considered that TMs are re-usable.
There is also Bidoof, which is also a good HM slave :)
Great idea

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