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Holy crap, what you just typed destroyed my eyes.
two things:

1: lol
2: Couldn't agree more, but maybe even give the power to editors too. Just the mods aren't going to catch everything, unfortunately
Wow. Can't even read now.
I agree with tazzie, Editors should have the ability as well.
Ninja, you mean "fowl" language, to use BigZ's own words. :P
If possible, I think there should be a place that shows a log of any users that have had their profiles changed. That way anybody who isn't posting inappropriate material can see and know for sure that nobody is screwing around with their profile.

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Well I don't remember this being suggested before. Anyway, what are your reasons for wanting mods to delete other people's wall posts? Users can delete their own wall posts if they want. It should probably be up to the users if they want the messages on their wall, not mods/editors.

Also, with the Q2A system we use this isn't actually possible right now anyway.

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I think the biggest issue supporters of this are having is behind profile editing is to deal with users that often change their profiles to have inappropriate content once they are banned. Some do have stuff even without being banned. Don't quote me on that though, since I don't actually know for sure.