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Nuzlocke Tournament

Hey guys, welcome to the Nuzlocke Tournament post.
Basically this tournament is a Nuzlocke-Style tournament, it's a game of strategy and wits. The tournament will be a 16 man one which allows people enough time to join. If more or less spots are needed I'll edit this part.


  • Tier OU
  • 16 man tournament
  • Your team for Round 1 is a normal 6 Pokemon OU team
  • No changing teams between each round.
  • If you win Round one you move on to Round 2
  • If you some of your Pokemon fainted in Round 1 then delete from your Round 2 team
  • Repeat the last rule for each round

To make sure cheating doesn't occur competitors will post their teams status as answer on this thread before and after every round. Then the user they won against will check their answer to make sure that's what they had remaining. An example of this is below although don't post your Round 1 team as people can build around everyone's teams.

Round 2 Team:


[Repeat the above for your remaining Pokemon for each round]

Round One!

The game is on guys!

Round One is here and your battles must of been done by next Tuesday which is 21st January. If you're struggling to get you battle then just talk to me and I'll extend the deadline. If there's going to be any real problems with time-zones then reply swiftly and I'll change the brackets.

Good luck, it's the survival of the fittest!

Dr vs Dr Winner: Dr.Flame
Poke'slash vs Miror Bro Winner: Miror Bro
Mike vs Kyron Winner: Kyron(could change)
Pika vs Bobcat
Ninja vs Jar Winner: Jar
PX vs LevScraf Winner: Le Scraf
Goo vs fizz
tazzie vs Once Winner: Tazzie

Round Two!

Ok well, unfortunately because of timezones, Fizz was dq'd and Goo was given a bye to round 2. The method of deciding was /pickrandom on the server so the decision wasn't biased. Sorry Fizz :/

Anyway! Here are the match-ups:

JarJar vs Bobcat Winner: JarJar
Kyron vs Tazzie Winner: Tazzie
Brotad vs Le Scraf Winner: Brotad
Flame vs Goo Winner: Flame

Just like you did for Round One, If you win post your remaining Pokemon on your answer. If you lose hide your answer to make it easier for me. The battles are in for next Sunday.

Good luck guys!

Round Three!

Welcome to Round Three, the Semi-Finals!
Brackets for Round 3 are:

Tazzie vs Brotad Winner: Brotad
Flame vs JarJar Winner by inactivity Flame

Good luck one again and enjoy!

The Final!

So after about 20 years we finally reached the final. Flame and Brotad will be facing off to win the Nuzlocke Tournament. Wish them look and good luck!

Right, I think that's about it. If you think I've missed something out or there is a flaw with this then comment on this thread with your suggestion. If you have any problems either then comment and I'll help you out. Post your application answer and the first 16 will be entered unless we get loads of people being missed out. Thanks for reading and enjoy!

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np, I'm screwy at tours anyway. The only tours I win are the 100% luck based ones, like the Moody Smeargle tour lol xD
screw PX...
Round 2 competitors need to hurry up because once again we have exceeded the time in which the battles should of been completed.

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Sure I'll join
enter image description hereenter image description here
Names are: DoctorFlame, MurrrKrow, NotAFlame
I'm active enough for you to see me on the server once a week

enter image description here
Stupid Metapod.
>Heatran, Latios, Landorus-T, Rotom-W, Lucario, Clefable
Heatran, Latios, Landorus-T, Rotom-W, Lucario, Clefable

Against the other Dr: http://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/pokemondatabase-ou-4714
Against Goodra: http://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/pokemondatabase-ou-5251
Won: http://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/pokemondatabase-customgame-1

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K well I'm on most of the time during the weekends, so unless friends are over or something I have time.
of.. that hurts but i DEMAND rematch one day :D   D:< D:<
You have all 6?! Jesus christ, gg
Teacher Vs the student...Hope you like Exploud :P
I sak. /endlife
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Oh yes. I wish to join this festive event of sport

enter image description hereLudicolo
Showdown Name: Brotad, Johnny Lombravo, Dat 'Tad, Lombro, Miror Bro, Gandolphin

Times: Random (EST)

Round Two: Jesus the Celebi, Tanker the Genesect, Dante's Inferno the Heatran, Blood Washer the Rotom-W, and Lion-O the Landorus-T.

Round Three: Identical to Round Two

Round Four: Identical to Round Two

R.I.P. the Edge the Absol

enter image description here

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See you on the server! :D
Post your Round 2 team.
All 5 Pokes still left :(