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Many people have Nuzlocke ideas, and dont know where to put it. I think this would be cool to add a place for ideas to go, and it could be implemented like the Tournaments thread.

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Yeah, but this could be a thread that everyone can see, like if you want a Nuzlocke idea but the only places to find them here are on people's walls or about me's ... the thread would solve that
It's solving a problem that only you seem to have, is what I'm saying. I need vocal support from several people to assure me it's going to be useful, and we still need to discuss this stuff on Auth discord

Oh also someone did ask this before if you want to read that though it didn't get a conclusion (I'm not closing this dw)
wait, why does it say reshown? did someone hide it?
Sometimes we accidentally hit hide by accident and have to reshow it lol, just ignore it
oh okay

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