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Well, I guess my half-assed tour suggestion got 18 votes so its next on the list now that Pokenubz's tourney has ended. No matter, because this is gonna be a fun tour :D! This will be 16-man (or woman :l) tournament and because its a mixed tier tour, this will be a 5th gen tournament, as the tiers in 6th gen have not been properly set up. However, if that remains unpopular, we could just switch over to X&Y and use Limbo tiers instead.

Da Rules

  1. Played in 5th gen Ubers
  2. Species, Sleep, Evasion, OHKO, Moody clauses are in effect.
  3. 1 Uber Pokemon, 1 OU, 2 UU, 1 RU, 1 NU
  4. Latios/Latias may not hold Soul Dew
  5. DrizzleSwim is banned
  6. Sand Veil and Snow Cloak abilities are banned
  7. SmashPass is banned
  8. If your NU Pokemon faints, you lose, and your opponent moves onto the next round
  9. No changing teams, replays are REQUIRED.

If I missed any bans just let me know P;>

Signing Up

Once the 16th man has registered for the tournament, signups will be closing. If you miss the signups, however, you may comment as a substitute. Substitutes will replace the drop-out in the first round only.

When signing up, please use this template:

Pokemon Showdown Names: Showdown Names

Timezone: Timezone

Times Available: Normal hours of activity on either Pokemon Showdown or DB Chat. Also include days you might not be available.

Round 1 Matchups

Kronos vs. Pokenubz Winner: Kronos
Sempiternus vs. DanH1995 Winner: Sempiternus
tazzie vs. Poke'slash Winner: tazzie
Ionization vs dr-dude-of-bananas Winner: Ionization
JarJar~ vs. i suck qq Winner: i suck qq
Ninja vs. Le Scraf Winner: Ninja
Flafpert vs. Dr.Flame Winner: Dr.Flame
MrKijani vs. Pikamaster Winner: MrKijani

*JarJar~ accepts the disqualification. No substitutes responded.

Round 2 Matchups

Ninja vs. tazzie Winner: tazzie
Ionization vs. Dr.Flame Winner: Dr.Flame
Kronos vs. MrKijani Winner: MrKijani
Sempiternus vs. I suck qq Winner: Sempiternus

Round 3 Matchups

Dr.Flame vs. tazzie Winner: Dr.Flame
MrKijani vs. Sempiternus Winner: MrKijani

Final Round!

Dr. Flame vs. MrKijani Winner: Dr.Flame

Congrats Dr.Flame :D!

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Omg, such Ludicolo awesomeness :o
Sorry guys, me and MK will take some time.
Last time I was on at the same time as MK, he couldn't battle, and since I'm at school and stuff the latest time possible would probably be on Saturday.

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Hosts are not allowed to participate! :P

enter image description here Victini
Names: DoctorFlame, murrrkrow, NotAFlame
Weekdays around 5-ish, Weekends anytime.

Won against Flaf: http://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/pokemondatabase-gen5ubers-4925

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Ok, now you better win for me and UU!
Congrats Doc!
Ding ding ding winner! :D