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Sup Im hosting a UU tour as it is described in the title. The recent UU rises and drops will shake up the tier significantly and it is worth checking them out while they're still in the tier(or not).

This tournament will follow the Smogon UU rules and clauses, which can be found here.

The tournament will also follow a Best of 3 format, which means the first person to get 2 wins will take the round.

Throw in that Showdown username and timezone so we can get this started.

Signups deadline end on the 26th of July so no pressure
yah yeet y'all stink

(Approved by Shining Yin)

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UU Suspect Test

UU is suspecting Mega Venusaur. The requirements to vote are a GXE of 80 as well as a minimum of 40 games played on the UU ladder. Note that there will not be a suspect ladder for this test. This suspect test will run until August 4th. More information can be found here.


Yeah Mega Venusaur is getting banned with 54% of the votes.
Glad it got banned tbh. Even though I didn't think it was broken in any way, it was just very irritating to face :) I can see Venusaurite getting resuspected in the future.
So now it’s UUBL?
Yes it is.

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ShiningYin vs eXcess

Both of the bye players made it to the finals lol
Anyway I expect to see greatness from both combatants
Good luck to the both of you

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Byes in the second and third round make it arguably easier to get to finals then getting byes in the first. This just happens to be two people who skipped a round in the finals. It's nothing to do with the byes system.
At least I wasn't 6-0ed *both* games...
Thanks everyone for the tournament. We should have more of these.
We're specifically not having too many tournaments lol, this one went on longer than expected so there likely won't be another for a month at least
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Round 2 is Up

Battles are due August 9th

melcakes vs sumwun

Jofly vs thecarnapper

Shining Yin vs MexhSteelix

Molthree vs eXcess

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Gl to y’all!
gg eXcess, well played.
Well sumwun and i were able to get in 1 game in which i won
After the game he said he had to go so we couldn’t play afterward, today we met up on the server again but he wasn’t able to play me. Personally think i should move on in the tourney if we can’t get in the second game in the next few hours, I’ll try to be on the server for the time being but I’m mobile so I’ll flash out every now and then
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Round 1 is up

Please provide replays of the battles
Battles are due August 3rd

Dudeicolo vs sumwun

thecarnapper vs Gekky

Jofly vs TheSmasher1386

Molthree vs LeafyBlade

MechSteelix vs SeeYaLater

melcakes vs PX

ShiningYin and excess get a bye

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well i guess thecranpper and geckky are eliminated
Battles are due tomorrow, so not yet. Also, whoever made the most commitment to battling gets the win.
i thought it was due august 2nd and its august 3rd for me
carnapper has been on the server multiple times a day looking for gekky, i do not think i have seen gekky at all, carnapper should move on rather than be dq'd
School's made me less active for the past weeks. Not that there is no fault on me, I dont think been looking as hard as carnapper for the battle. I think I'm just gonna forfeit if we dont battle soon.
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Round 3 is up

Battles are due August 14

sumwun vs ShiningYin

Jofly vs eXcess

Note: Venusaur will still be playable for the remainder of the tournament despite being banned

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@sumwun ok, but neither am I, so I have a pretty decent chance of losing lol
If Mega-Venusaur is allowed, what formats will battles be played in? OU?
Yes in OU.
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Ayy why not maybe I'll beat Mike's ass this time

PS!: Fresher Than You
GMT+0 (British time)

Not gonna lie, Mike tossed you badly that match XD
Nah man I was winning until the TTar plays
Maybe he was just playing with u and then he began tryharding :)
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Name: Shining Yin
Timezone: GMT-4

Will I claim yet another w to begin my 2nd dynasty? Let's see ;)

big oof
lmao yeah.
Yes, you will
@electric z yo dude! where have you been :(
When can you battle me?
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sounds fun

Name: Jofly
Timzone: GMT+1

when we going?
I've posted on your wall now.
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Lemme in.
Timezone: EST (GMT-5)
Showdown: Brotad

Can we battle sometime?
Yes of course. I'll be on the showdown server all weekend.
You probably can't be paying attention to my challenges all weekend. When are you least likely to be AFK?
I am least likely to be afk now for the next four hours, or 17:00 utc to 22:00 utc, which is tomorrow for me
I'll try to be on around 21:00.
Something just came up today and I'll be busy all day. Can we try to meet at around 21:00 every day starting tomorrow?
Yes. Can do.
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When can you find enough time to face my gay stall teams?
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Username: MechSteelix
Timezone: EDT

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In. Hopefully I don't humiliate myself in the begining round.
GMT -0

Showdown: SceptileLeafBlade

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A Geeky Jawa

Yeah I'm not gonna stop entering every tourney until I get to the 2nd round at least.

Can you try to be on Showdown around 22:00 these next few days? I’ll be online around that time.
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I join, because why not get dead the first round?

Username: TheWhiteTiger727
Timezone: CEST

Wait, it is UU. This means I can't bring 6 Incineroar's in my team, but only one. Dangit!

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I might as well try to redeem myself after last tourney. Though I have no experience in UU.

Showdown! name: NebbyY
Timezone: EDT

Time to bring some tricks and treats.

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Eh, why not?

EST (GMT -4)

Can you battle today?
Yeah, what time?
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Is there a problem? I don't think there was one in the previous tournament.
Lol (filler)
You name the time. I'll adjust to your schedule.
I'll be available all of today and will not be able to battle tomorrow. You haven't contacted me further on a time so if you don't come by the server today, I'm going to call activity.
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I guess I’ll join. I’ve got nothing to lose.

Showdown name: thecarnapper5
Time zone: GMT-6

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my butt will get kicked but ill try my best

PS!: KirbyCuteKing

Edit: I got high jump kicked, mega kicked, jump kicked, low kicked and blaze kicked in my feralligatr by Jolfy

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*uses mega kick*
*laughs out loud*