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Hello folks.

I am having an issue with the Font of the text. Compare the disturbed font to the normal one. Did someone experience the same problem ?

  • I am using the latest version of Google Chrome
  • I have a Windows 8 Toshiba Laptop

Why is that ? Is it a bug with "Sublime Text" ?
Thanks in advance.

~ Sincerely yours, Blitz of Justice

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DAMMIT! I have this problem as well! (And I am using Chrome, also)
I'm getting quite a bit disturbed text from time to time. In the text preview when answering question, also, text that is bold and italic at the same time gets blurry. I'll get a screenshot soon, but yeah. I'm having this same problem. +1 :)
Im also using a windows 8 google chrome! :D it only happened once to me
@Indi: Thanks :)
@Blazo: Once only ? Hope it doesn't continue. Seriously, this is so annoying.

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