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Hey PM,
Recently, people have been receiving messages on their walls from suspicious-looking users who say that they want to be friends and want to exchange emails. So far there have been three of them, all of which have been banned (though there may be more that we have not discovered yet). Somehow I doubt that this will be the last of them, so I felt like we needed a way to block them from making any more accounts.

Here are some examples of what they have posted:

[email protected]
hello It my pleasure to contact you after veiwing your profile today at i love it and also became interested in knowing more about you,please i will you to contact me through my email ([email protected])so that i will give you my details for you to know more about me and where i from contacted you, Joy - joymbia

>please write me back in this my private Email([email protected] so that i will tell you more about myself includes my pictures awaiting - grace777

hello dear;nice to see you here,please reply me directly here at [email protected] for my picture and more introductions as i love to know and be close to you as a friend[i am really sorry if i come to you uninvited but,that;s the reason of here] or keep your email so we take it from there because i am not always here,remain blessed and God bless you as i look forward to your mail with love. - ruby4u

They appear to be bots/scammers. Even if they mean well, they don't appear to have anything to contribute to the site.
Do any of their IPs match or have any similarities? If so, it may be a good idea to block those IPs and other similar ones to prevent them from filling the site with spam (we don't want a repeat of Attourney Jobs lol). Or are there better ways to do this?
They have been in ban report for a while, but I felt like I should raise awareness that they are here.

If anybody finds any more of these accounts, comment here so mods can quickly remove them from the site. And of course, don't send them anything back.

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Have Mew tell you, Scraf. :P
All of them has no info about themselves, it's creepy, it's 85% that they are bots
How come Grace has zero points?
banned probs.
Grace also did something on Dzells wall
"How are you today .my name is miss grace from africa  i saw your profile today and become very interested .so please it is urgent that you have to contact me immediately through above email id ([email protected]
) so that i will tell you my mind and give you my picture.thanks so much for your understanding .i will be waiting for your reply now . please write me direct with  my mail address give you above.
warm regard
                      [email protected]
grace nelson
Jan 21 by grace777"

Good thing she's gone

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Thanks for reporting the problem. I've updated the permissions so you need 30 points to post on people's walls, which should prevent the spam.

If you find any more spam posts in future, let me know.

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Thanks a bunch :D
Gives me self-esteem points seeing the "Posting on user walls" in privileges.
So that's why I can't post on my own wall.
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Okay, they have somewhat similar IPs. And there's really nothing we can do about this, unless we restrict wallposting until a User achieves 22 points or something.

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This is actually a good idea.
Do it :D
They are attempts at fishing all from one person. Don't contact them and you will be fine.
Cool rule, PM mewderator has a good idea
!!!Viva la revolution!!!