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Hey PM,
Recently these questions have been popping up everywhere. Mods and and editors have been hiding them, but still not sure about it. Should we be doing that or not?

Most of them are between Pokemon that aren't even remotely similar (for example, Leafeon and Charizard, which is what drove me to ask this in the first place). They don't state their teams either, they simply want to know which is better in general which is harder to answer since we don't know what to work with. However, they can still be answered, but the mods still hide them and the community flags them to death.

I've never seen you say anywhere that these weren't allowed, so are they or not? If they aren't allowed, is there a time where they would be allowed, e.g if it was between Flygon and Garchomp, which are quite similar?

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I saw that question. Did you flag it. I just hung on lol
No. Why would I flag it when I can hide it? :3
Turns out that it was really asking how to get a move onto an Eevee lol, but still these are are everywhere and I need to know how to deal with them.
Reference for those interested in these questions:

Pokemon that have similar roles are allowed (such as "which is a better wall, Umbreon or Espeon?"). But pokemon which no connection whatsoever break rules outright and should be flagged and hidden.

If you are not sure whether the v question is allowed or not, leave a comment saying so, then another user will tell you or not.

If you are asking one of these questions but aren't sure, ask someone on chat or on their walls. Any experienced user will happily help you out.
Personal opinion: we should just ban these questions, and instead let people ask questions like "which is better for my team, Chansey or Umbreon". So the formula is: full team is needed, 2 to 3 Pokemon are listed for comparison.
I do like the sound of that, but we would have to make it formalized and official. I don;'t mind either way, because they are only about 5 people I know off that bother do answer these questions with full detail (me and fondant being 2 of them :P)
Yea I did ask that before, but I'm not an Ed so I don't hold weight. :P

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I posted an answer here.

So to sum up:
If it's part of a team, it should be on RMT and include full details for each Pokemon.
If it's a straight comparison between two Pokemon it should be on Pokebase and they should be somewhat related.

Let me know your thoughts, if you disagree etc.

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Damn I took ages to notice this. Thanks!