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By this question I mean if you can set your whole PokemonDB just to show me stuff defaultly in generation 3 like moves breeding etc. so I get information about games I play quickly.

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The moves a Pokémon can learn in each Generation since their release is already listed on their profiles.
What he meant is that he wants the DB to have some sort of 'generation switcher', where everything he sees on the DB is Gen 3, not stating all generations.
Get it? xD
Right now this isn't possible. If PM thinks it is necessary, it may be added in future though. Honestly I don't see the point, it is pretty simple to hit Generation 3 on the PokeDex pages to get info for Gen 3.
Ok thanks guys.

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This would be near-impossible to do across the entire site. But on each Pokedex above the move table you can click the numbers to view moves for a different generation. Then if you want to look at a different Pokemon one quick way to do it is replace the name in the URL.

For example if you were looking at Skarmory's Gen 3 learnset


You can easily switch to Nuzleaf by replacing skarmory in the URL:


Hope that helps.

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Thanks Pokemaster, I acctually figured out that by myself already. But I think it would be cool if you got directly ALL data about pokemon in gen 3. For example, I think some abilities were added in gen 4 onwards and applied to gen 1 2 3 pokemon. Same with breeding moves (parents and moves only from gen 3). So, I would like to know only data that is in gen 3 or lower.
Tganks anyways!   ~~~ThunderSilver~~~
yeah and he said: "This would be near-impossible to do across the entire site".