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I want to ask a question about recommendations for a hyper-offensive team. Am I allowed to do this if I do not want to have super-specific IVs and stats, or can I just ask what Pokemon?

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Battle Subway Rules

Competitive teams only: In other words, teams for competitive battling with other people or the advanced post-game sections like Battle Subway, Battle Tower or Pokemon World Tournament. No teams for regular gameplay: there are too many variables for these questions to be useful, and in-game teams do not need much work, just a variety of Pokemon types and moves.

Full teams only: In general this means 6 Pokemon for 6v6 singles. Doubles teams would be 4 Pokemon. If you don't have a 6th Pokemon then put something in and say you are not sure about it and would like more suggestions.

Include all relevant details: This means all 4 moves for each Pokemon and each Pokemon's ability, nature and EVs (Effort Values). If you don't know about EVs then take a few moments to read our detailed EV guide here. If you are still not sure, put in something basic (e.g. max attack, max speed for a physical sweeper).

Learn team-building 101: Know the difference between Physical/Special/Status category moves. Know that using two attacking moves of the same type is best avoided (with some exceptions).

Only answer if you have notable improvements: In other words, don't answer with just one minor suggestion, unless you are really sure there is nothing else at all to be improved.

Respect people's choices: This applies to both questions and answers. Saying someone's team sucks isn't really helpful. And if someone has taken the time to answer, don't just dismiss them.

Rules of each part of the site

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^ The rules are written here; please read them.

We don't recommend Pokemon, we only rate full teams on the RMT, meaning you need 6 Pokemon for singles, EVs, natures, items and abilities.

If you don't understand what EVs are: http://pokemondb.net/ev

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