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when i go to the pokebase everything is just listed and not as normal, i've tried re entering the pokebase but still

i know metal kevin asked something similar but i think this is different

here's what a part of it looks like

Pokemon Database
Game mechanics
Other stuff

Hello Hex
My Account

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its the same?

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Did it look like this?

pokemon database

If so then it was likely because the stylesheet did not load, which defines the layout and colours etc. No idea why it wouldn't be loading, but if you reload the page it should be fine. Try Ctrl+F5 to make sure.

The good news is the site is still usable without it, just about ;)

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Thank you pokemaster!

and yes that's how it looked, i tried refreshing the page with the button upper left in google chrome but when i tried Ctrl+F5 it worked perfect.
Thanks again :)
this has happened to me too. except there was no admin button
For obvious reasons, as Pokemaster is the only Admin.
THAT WAS THE THING I WAS TALKING ABOUT LAST YEAR no one understood what i meant that happened to me at least 3 times.