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Hi everyone, we've had a bit of downtime yesterday and today due to database corruption. I've finally managed to recover the site and database. After several hours of trying to fix it, finally just backing up the site and restoring it worked fine for some reason.

Luckily as far as I can see no posts have been lost but please let me know if there is anything notable missing, either on Pokebase or the main site.

Thanks and sorry for any inconvenience :)

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Could you update on twitter when something like this happens and maybe update at Instagram or something?
I have been updating on Twitter, see https://twitter.com/pokemondb
Pretty sure we don't have an Instagram , no real reason to have one .
Pokemon selfies ofc.
Time for the aftershock.
I'm sure Pokemaster has a bunch of selfies he puts on an Instagram page. xD
And I'm happy it wasn't just me. O.o
Phew. I was worried

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Just thought I'd put this here then as a memory. Not every day you get to see "one day ago" for the time on the DB.

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Hahah, it's true.
Beautiful :')