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People often pronounce a pokemons name wrong, so it would be useful to have a thing with pokemon name pronunciations on it.

I say 'thing' because I'm not sure what would be more practical: a question for each pokemon on their pronunciation, like the moveset questions, or a separate page with all the pokemons name pronunciations on it, like the pokemon name origins page. Or it could even be added as a new thing on each pokemons pokedex page.

I just thought it might be useful.

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Sciz that's a terrible way of doing it. Google Translate can't read all of the Pokemon names correctly, I've tried it. -.-
Ew it pronounced Murkrow  "moork-ra-ow", i agree with ^^^
You thought I was being serious?
You were, dont lai
I'm going to surprise you here because you can joke around with out using the emoticons ":P" or "o3o". Amazing right?

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