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i have noticed alot of "what is a good counet for ****?" questions lately (example,example,example, and example) and it might become a "thing". if so, will Pokemaster make a new user, CounterBot? or will ordinary users have to ask them?

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I don't think this really be necessary. Judging by how frequently these questions are being asked, some dating back to late last year, I can't see this being a thing. Sure we may get a "what is a good check to insert threat here?" but do you really see people asking about good checks for a Pokemon like Spinda ;)

The moveset pages on this website are a massive fail as would be the pages you are requesting be made. The thing is that Pokemon move tiers, get access to new moves ect and for that reason the counters are always changing. However the most voted counter will usually be the oldest answer based off the usefulness of it at the time + bias voting towards user. In a years time, the page for a counter to Heatran could be completely different. Just look at some of the older moveset questions filled with gimmicks and sets that wouldn't take you anywhere in the current meta game. If only one or two people were allowed to answer a question and them answers were updated every so often similar to how Smogon works, then I would approve. Until then I see it as a waste of time. Do think about how long it takes to ask all these questions.

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the moveset questions arent a failure imo, what makes you say that?
There isn't any control over them. Anybody can answer and are not even required to have Evs, natures ect. As said the most voted sets tend to be 3-4 years old. Some are older than B/W yet haven't been hidden yet. The fact that the sets are not updated similar to how Smogon does it means we end up with the mess that is moveset pages in which the only good current movesets tend to be hidden below 25 others gimmick answers.

As said above, if the answers were done by a couple of people and were updated every so often, the pages would have some significance. This isn't the case.