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Best Moderator Mid-2014

This is an award given out to whoever the DB nominates as the Best Moderator. The best moderator must have some of the following qualities:

  • Good Judgment
  • Humor
  • Ruthlessness
  • Enforcement (of the rules)

Nominees: Mewderator, DarkTyphlosion, Ninja, trachy, &Psychic x, Aura Warrior, Will
Active Moderators will be nominated.

Vote is closed until December 1st, 2014.

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Total Votes: 49

&Psychic x - 12 Votes (24.48%).
DarkTyphlosion - 9 Votes (18.36%).
Mewderator - 6 Votes (12.24%)
Ninja - 6 Votes (12.24%)

Trachy - 5 Votes (10.20%)
Aura Warrior - 5 Votes (10.20%)
~-~Will~-~ - 4 Votes (8.16%)
MovesetBot - 1 Vote (2.04%)
PenisMuncher69 - 1 Vote (2.04%)

The chosen winner is &Psychic x, taking over 25% of the vote on the StrawPoll, and just under 25% overall! He now wins... honor?

But really, every Moderator is a winner. Most of the work they do around the site cannot be seen on chat or the server, but is on the Admin page. They are the ones that approve and reject posts, ban idiots, edit their dumb profiles, hide rulebreaking posts and comments, promote people to Expert, change innapropriate avatars, and basically break their backs to make this site the way it is. So thank you, mods, for making this site great. Hats off to all of you.

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No love for Movesetbot. ;-;
Nor PenisMuncher69.
I'm honestly quite surprised Will came last. o.o
Psychic is a viable winner though, congratz to him. xD