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Could we have GIFs for moves ?
So we could see what the moves look like and the difference between Gens ?

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This would be a lot of work for PM to do. I guess a fair few could be found online, but still
I think this would be cool. If not gifs, then maybe just static images.
Time to search every move on Bulbapedia!
We're changing this site to Bulbapedia...... Without the greenish background
Every gif is a "moving gif".
@trachy The problem with static images is they only capture a small fraction of each move. Granted they are easier to put in and load than GIFs, but it would be hard to judge what the moves really look like.

Also, we could make this a site-wide project. Have a thread on Meta where people can upload GIFs or links to GIFs that PM could use.
Like the maps thread --------------------^
Also, I know most of Bulbapedia's moves are animated .png files. However, I've only gotten Firefox to display them.
I'd imagine this would be incredibly hard, with all the animating he'd need to do, but it's a great idea. For now static images can be used fine.

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