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A reminder about personal information in Chat

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Don't post personal information, such as names, addresses, emails or phone numbers. This is essentially a public chat room.

It is friggin bolded man!

  • No using your face in gravatars.

  • Don't put emails in profiles.

  • Don't distribute emails in DB chat.

You can be found. I can find you easily, even if I wasn't a mod.

From now on, users with emails in profiles or distributed will be punished. You will be signed up and flooded by emails for adult sites :D

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My email is [email protected] in case anyone wants to send some.
Dang, I made a similar one earlier, too.
If Sciz is in them though I'm pressing charges.
I have a video of trachy here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xvj4Ud-RKrM
"Don't post personal information, such as names..." Private names? are they mmmmk?
LMFAO that video

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