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I have already reached 8000 characters on my profile(yay me), and I want to suggest that we should extend it to 10,000 or 11,000 characters. The reason I asked this question is because my friend list is growing :3

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Well that normally indicates you just have too much on your profile like me, and the simple solution is pastebin all of it :]
100% Nope
Although I'd love extra space on my profie since mine has turned into some monstrous wall of text that might eat people soon, it aint gonna happen. :P
8 000 characters is enough. I put some of my profile stuff in my Friend Codes section.

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This will most likely not happen, sorry. PM has pretty much rejected increasing the character limit on ordinary posts, so I have trouble seeing him increase it for user pages since they matter much less.

Honestly if you're passing the 8,000 limit, you're clearly writing too much as MrK mentioned. Looking through your page, I see random teams, text art, friend lists etc. that it wouldn't kill you to remove. You can have friends without making an endless list of them, and you can probably keep minor achievements like breaking another hundred points to yourself.

Just keep it simple, you don't need to write an essay about yourself. That's not the point of those pages.

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K (filler)
8000 characters is enough for your profile, if you need to get rid of something why not get rid of your bio art?
Bio art is unappealing and pointless imo not to mention it takes up a lot of characters.