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For example,

Dark is a 3-year member that is at 20 points and has no records of activity. I know there isn't exactly a way to prove someone's inactivity other than this basis but surely moderators can check?

It'd just be nice to do a little 'clean-up' of usernames.

What do you think?

I think PM has much more important things to do than changing an old users name so you can have it. Jack asked PM the same thing last year and it never happened, so don't hold your breath.

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Not unless Pokemaster intervines.

Who knows, Dark can just log on at any moment and say "Hey guys, I'm back!".

If you really want the name, you'll have to consult Pokemaster.

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For the old name changing system, it was if the name was taken by someone who has been inactive for a year or something, you could take it. So I guess PM would do it if he had time.
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Unless PM says otherwise, yeah you probably can. If Dark hasn't done anything in three years he probay won't do anything in the future. Dark will most likely be made into Dark2 and you will be given the original name.