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Sun & Moon have been out for nearly a week now, so the dust has probably settled enough that we can start with the moveset questions for competitive battling.

To avoid overloading the front page with tons of moveset questions at once, they will be asked by our friendly neighbourhood automaton, MovesetBot, probably at a rate of 1 per day.

As with X&Y, I've opened this thread as a "poll" for which Pokémon you'd like to see movesets for first.
Upvote the Pokémon you'd like to see, or if it's not listed then post an answer below with it.

List of new Pokemon here

UPDATE: the moveset questions have started! The starters are the first to go, there will probably be 2-3 new questions asked every other day or whenever the front page is bare of moveset questions.

UPDATE 2: I've added all the remaining Pokemon as answers here, make sure to upvote the ones you want movesets for sooner!

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Bump because this still needs to be finished off. It has been 5 months.
Is movesetbot even a real person?
It's Pokemaster in a different account.
Will we still use this thread for the new US/UM Pokemon?
There are only three new evolution families, so he can just ask all three questions at once.

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All moveset questions have finally been asked!