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Apart from Pokemaster, that is. If there are others, who are they? Mods? Also, does each medium (Facebook/Twitter/other) have a separate person in charge? Finally, what other social media can the site productively make its presence on? Like, Instagram, but PM once said it doesn't do anything that can't be done on Twitter.. so other sites (Imgur: they started a Follow User thing recently for example). Things like that, basically.

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Also, how much does it help? Is social media really that good at attracting traffic to the site? Make it financially more stable, sort of thing?

Sorry if that's a lot of questions. I just realised how important it is, and got curious almost all of a sudden ^_^

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It's just Pokemaster. He runs all the sites' social media on his own (mostly Twitter, according to him).

Website that revolve around images don't make much sense to invest time into. PM can just update the news page with images or tweet them out if they're central news. Imgur and Instagram are unlikely to bring in a lot of attention because they're used mainly for memes and other amusing content. Not really to follow sites like this one.

I obviously don't know PM's finances or any idea of how the traffic is coming along lately, but from what I've seen Twitter seems to just be PM's way of quickly informing followers about incoming information about Pokemon or the site. It's quicker and easier than updating the site everytime you wanna write a quick sentence, and it gets the information so a not insignificant amount of people quickly. Also from what I've seen people tend to go to social media from this site rather than the other way around.

If anyone knows anything I don't (coughpokemastercough) then feel free to answer too of course.

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Mhm, we have I believe a twitter, but anything more is unnecessary really.
He runs Twitter, Facebook and Youtube. Only really uses Twitter though.
"I obviously don't know PM's fiances"
Do you mean finances XD
Shhh, it's better that way >:D
Thanks for telling me, but you are an expert yourself so if you see a mistake just feel free to edit it.
Nooooooo! Astro D:

Fiances > Finances xD

That's alright lol, can't risk teasing the Super Admin guy :p
What about the youtube channel? I remember there being one, but it's never used now.
This is basically correct. I use Twitter mostly as I prefer the set up to Facebook and other sites but I try to post the big stuff on FB too.

Not sure if there's any reason to use Instagram/Imgur, I don't really have images to share, unless you just want to see everything that's already on this site like sprites/official art.

Same goes for YouTube. I have some ideas but mostly I've never found to time to create content for it.