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https://pokemondb.net/pokebase/user/Dr.Flame (NSFW)

If you look at this persons wall, you will see that someone posted a Mario picture. It's very sick and making me wanna vomit. Are these allowed?

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It's his wall...
*opens new tab, looks at wall, immediately closes tab

Ok, now I get what you mean.
Yeah obviously we can't have stuff like that around, it should probably have official mention in the rules too. I'll be more lenient in this instance, since a) text isn't as graphic as raw nudity, b) I'm near positive this is meant in jest and has no ill motive and c) melcakes/Once is a well established user so an instant permaban seems rather drastic. But I'll make sure he knows not to post them again.
Already answered below, but I figured official mod response would be helpful here.
I see what you mean. Thats not okay.

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Text art posts in and of themselves are not bad unless they are spammed. For example, this spooky skeleton is a popular one. However, anything NSFW is not allowed on the DB in any form, including text art. You can file a report here or post on an active mod's wall (preferably both). However, given how much time has passed between the wall post and this post, I'm not sure what the result will be — but I'm not a mod, I'll let them handle it.

NSFW material is not allowed in any way, especially nudity and other graphic content.

I'm sorry you had to see that my child, maybe this will help:

If that wasn't enough, try this.

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I think once Ninja said that anyone who posts pornography on this site will be perma-banned on the first offense.
Yeah, and DT also mentioned it in the Ban Report general rules.
It's not porn though
Also, if sites that are unrelated to my job aren't allowed at my workplace, does that mean the whole site is NSFW?