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So the last question (asked by ninja) was almost 6 years ago, back when they called RMT "the battle subway". So I was just wondering if
a.) There has been any major changes in the points system since then
b.) More information about RMT. I'd like to know how many points you need to be an expert on RMT. I'm assuming it can't be 6,000 too, because even Mewderator doesn't have that many points. (R.I.P. Mew you will be missed)
c.) I haven't seen a single mod on the db showdown server; I'm wondering if any mod/expert/editor is a mod/driver/voice on db showdown?

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Why is the question called the points system 2.0?
Well, if you get 6,000 points on the Pokebase, you get Expert status in all sections.
Bc i couldn't think of a better name for it lol
Pokemaster was on Showdown DB Fizzy was on Showdown DB sumwun was in Showdown DB. What do you want more?
@Pewdify You need 1000 points on RMT or 6000 points on Pokebase to edit RMT posts.
@Lorika Not very often, and not as a driver or voice

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Yes it's the same. If things change I will update that answer.

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