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sometimes after a while when I upload an answer to something, I get 30 points instead of 20. I post another answer to something, and when I check, shortly after that I lost my points and I'm back down to 20. can someone explain how this is happening and why? is someone down-voting my answers which makes me loose points? or am I doing something wrong somehow? sorry if I sound annoying

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You're not losing any points, you're just looking at your points total in different sections. Each section has a separate points total -- so points you earn on the main section are not transferable here to the meta section, and so forth. On the RMT section you have 30 points like you mentioned, but elsewhere you have just the 20 starting points. This is normal, and you have done nothing wrong.

If you haven't yet fully understood the points system and you're looking for resources on it, this post and this post may be helpful to you. Essentially, just keep focusing on making quality posts and you will gain points and permissions naturally.

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tysm, I feel stupid haha. I didn't realize points were different on different platforms. thank you