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I know PM or a mod gets them to change their grav/name (actualy PM probably has the power to change anyones names/gravs) but what if they refuse? Has anoyone got banned for that?

People have banned for having a disturbing name (example: an user named Magi -*******- karp)
Yes, people have refused many times and they all got banned.
I've been banned for changing my name, but it wasn't exactly offensive.

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Names: yes, people have been banned or had their name changed if it’s offensive.

Avatars: as far as I know, no. The Gravatar system means avatars are rated (eg PG, PG-13, R) and we only allow the PG ones.

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Never used it myself and didn't exactly want to test on anyone, but moderators also have the ability to remove avatars from being displayed in the off chance that something is inappropriate, and I don't think that's really happened.
Oh yeah, forgot about that.