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Over the past week or so, I've seen multiple questions (such as this one) that have popped up on the activity page saying that they've been reopened. At first, I just passed it off as users accidentally closing their questions and then reopening them, but, after seeing more, it didn't seem likely to me that multiple different users made the same mistake within such a small period of time. What's happening?

I was wondering as well... Aren't regular users unable to close questions? It says the asker reopened the question, but the asker couldn't have closed or reopened it. :P
Seems to occur when someone selects a best answer.
@Fizz and Staka seem to be right
I'm pretty sure one of my questions was also *reopened* by me.
I didn't hid it or anything.
(Not sure though)

Yes it does seem to be whenever a BA is selected. I just did it on sumwun's question and it now says I reopened the question.

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This should be fixed now. It was an error that occurred when selecting best answer for a question.

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