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Add a spot that says what your most upvoted question and what your most upvoted answer is. Also, same can be done for most downvoted question and answer.

Back only to give this suggestion that I thought of in the middle of the night. Also, check out my reviews for video games on metacritic.


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as always, your ideas are great trachy
What would most downvoted do for anyone?  Embarrass the user? I'm pretty sure that most of these are hidden, anyways.  Plus, what if a whole bunch of questions/answers tie?
But the most upvoted thing would be cool.
To be honest, I don't like this idea much. I could see showing top-voted answers to gain credibility, but most down-voted answers counteract that impression. I also have a feeling that it would just add more hierarchy to the base, as well; people would compete to have the most upvotes on a single question.

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I'm planning on adding something similar very soon, that will show all the questions and answers of each user. Might be able to add a way to sort the questions by votes, too.

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