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This would mean that to the left of every question visible on the list, there would be a bookmark icon that can be toggled so that if it is toggled on, you can go to the button "Bookmarked" as well as All Activity, Questions, Unanswered, etc. This would be very helpful if you are actively commenting on a question that is old or has a very long title. Thanks for viewing!

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I mean, favoriting questions exist.
You can also keep a list of bookmarks in a Google doc or something like that.
isn't that the point of the favorite star?

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The platform already has the features to do what you've requested. On any question, tag or user page you would like to bookmark, find and press this yellow star button:


Doing so will add it to your favourites list, which you may also access though the grey button on your profile page that says 'My favourites'. Note that you have a separate favourites list for each section.

Similarly, you can use your updates area to receive notifications when someone responds to your post, including when the post is old. You can also use your activity lists to locate any post you made in the past.

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thanks. i'm new around here
No problem -- keep asking around if you encounter any issues.