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As a mod, I rely on the My Updates area to provide a place users can find their removed content should they need it later. Furthermore, the feature is helpful as a system to notify users when their content is removed.

However, I realised that I've never considered how 'rejected' posts would work in this regard, and that I have no real way of testing it. If they don't get added, could they be? I'd say this concerns at least half of all the posts we hide. The system cannot catalogue hidden posts properly if 'rejected' posts are missing.

Edit: Another question, can people see questions they have posted anywhere in the period between when they are posted and when we approve or reject them? I know they can if they have a direct link, but I believe there should be somewhere in the UI you can find a list of posts pending approval.

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We could easily spam downvote me and like you know.
If you're spam down voted, it isn't really a rejection
If I get twenty points and post an answer that’s like gkhgkzhjbsijj and gets rejected I can then look at my updates and answer again. Though that was a joke.
I just remembered that I have barely 12 points in RMT, so I can help you test if you want.
That'd be really nice actually. Probably the best way to do it would be to send a question that says it's a test in the title, and we'll let you know once we've hit reject.

Also is it normal I can see it already on the front page?
Uh, no. That definitely shouldn't happen. It must be because you're an expert. Damn it lol

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