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I suggest a site wide trade chat, unlike the normal chat, it is a chat only for trading, so trading will be alot more streamlined and efficient. Also, the chat is always dead, so thats why I'm proposing this, so those who want to trade can go to a trade-specific chat. Also, if anyone wants my lvl.100 shiny eevee, let me know. Also, this was originally posted on normal pokebase and it was flagged many times and closed before i got an answer.

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I really don't think this would work. People would end up having conversations in there, anyway, and, even if people didn't, it still wouldn't help much. Have you seen how barren chat has been for the past few months? A trade chat would be even more barren, and, after someone requests a trade, they're bound to leave shortly after, because it's not likely that anybody else will come on and stay in the chat for a while, making it near impossible for two people who want to trade to both be on at the same time without organizing something.

TL;DR: This idea wouldn't work, and if you want to trade with someone, you should probably go to Reddit if you aren't getting any results here.
Pokemaster has hinted for years that some sort of general forum will be installed on this site one day, and that's where you might post trade requests. But until then, you may use our Discord: or more practically, go to a different site that is designed for the purpose.
If you mentioned it because you were wondering, yes it was the right thing that your post was flagged and removed. Posts about this site belong here, not on the main section. Do not take that personally because it happens all the time.

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I think you're contradicting yourself. If the chat is dead then why would a separate chat just for trading be any more efficient?

As AV suggested, try the Discord chat as there is a trading section there.