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Like in this question:

Blaze's answer was at the bottom, even though he answered a few minutes before Terlor(U can't really see this rn, but in this question: If I removed my downvote, his answer would be on to, even though I answered first.)

Not really a big deal, but did it not used to be the opposite?

by When answers have the same number of votes, the older ones are above the newer ones.
I'm pretty sure that Terlor was first.
@HT he was not, Blaze beat him by 11 min
@sumwun, it is only happening in newer questions
Where did 11 minutes come from? Did you scroll over the thing that says when they answered?

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You've mixed up when the answers were posted. If you're on a desktop, you can view when an answer was posted (down to the second!) by hovering your mouse where it says 'answered by...'

Terlor's answer was posted about three minutes before Blaze's, so the site ordered them correctly. On the second thread, your post was submitted about 80 minutes after megamanectric's. Your answer probably looked like it was first when you posted it because the other one went through the approval queue first, i.e. it was posted before yours but made public afterward. All of this is normal.

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If it's normal, is it immune to ghost?
Huh — I guess my latop glithed