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Why isn't there a way to check the Gigantamax form of a Pokemon's stats? It's kind of like the little bar thing you click on to see a form of a Pokemon like Charizard's mega evolutions. You know? Make one of those for the Gigantamax forms of Pokemon. Please.

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Neither Dynamax nor Gigantamax affect any stat other than HP, and the maximum HP for a Dynamax or Gigantamax Pokemon is simply double its normal HP. There really isn't a need to add this.

Edit: Regarding the extra thread you posted here...

To be honest, that isn't what I meant... What I meant was to add the image or sprite or whatever to the dex entry, sorry for the confusion.

...technically, the artwork for Gigantamax Pokemon already exists on the site. You can see Gigantamax sprites on each Pokemon's sprite gallery (example for Alcremie) as well as on their artwork page (example for Alcremie). I'll leave it to Pokemaster (who runs this site) to decide if it's worth adding a new tab to the front Pokedex pages as well.

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Yes I didn’t think there was really anything to add to the Pokedex pages. Gigantamax are not separate forms in the same way as for example Galarian Forms or Giratina.

But perhaps it’s worth mentioning them on there. I’ve had it on my todo list for years to add another section for “aesthetic forms” - forms that are just visual like Burmy or Deerling, or gender differences.