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I've seen questions like this one and this one where the question talks about using something unviable in a higher tier just because it's the asker's favorite Pokemon. These questions aren't helpful at all to anyone else and are not even helpful to the asker themselves. I think questions like these should be closed and shouldn't be allowed, just like what happens to teams of favorites on the RMT.

I'd argue that those examples you linked are fine because the questions are answerable and are helpful to the asker. The questions are simply asking if a move is objectively better for a certain pokemon, and has nothing to do with the Pokemon being a favorite or not other than it being used in the first place.
I don't think the editors and moderators should be the ones deciding which Pokemon are viable in which formats. It's the same reason we gave up hiding useless movesets in moveset questions.
"These questions aren't helpful at all to anyone else and are not even helpful to the asker themselves". I disagree. If they didn't want to know, then they wouldn't ask. just my opinion tho
I agree with ~Polaris~. They're very much helpful to the asker who asks it because they want to use the Pokémon(s).

And yes I agree with the suggestion as a whole. These questions are for low-ladder players and are not useful in the long run.
They’re not helpful to the asker themselves because the asker is using their favorite Pokémon in tier x instead of a much better Pokémon like ferrothorn while knowing there are much better Pokémon. This means that at the end of the day it’s just the asker using Pokémon for fun and not competitive value, the question will be useless. Even if they get a yes/no answer, they’re still using an awful Pokémon in a tier where it does not belong in on purpose.
I disagree. These questions are helpful to everyone! Plus, it's not fair to remove someones question just because they want to use their favorite Pokemon competitively, but don't know exactly how to. Not to mention, it is NOT FAIR AT ALL to say "Oh that is just a bad pokemon". There are no "Bad Pokemon" (Well except for any pokemon that only knows splash, like magikarp without tackle or flail, that is basically the ONLY exception as it can literally do nothing), as even a lvl 1 aron can be powerful, and a team of level 1 ghastlys can take out Champeon Leon's team from sword and shield, if set up properly.
How is it helpful to everyone? There are plenty of bad Pokémon in formats. A Pokémon may suck in one and be S+ in another, but not every Pokémon is “not bad” in every format. I don’t think someone recommending a set for a bad Pokémon in a format where it’s bad is going to be helpful to anyone at all.
A player will almost never play a competitive battle and lose to a bunch of level 1 Arons and level 1 Gastlys. Tricks like those work only when battling in-game trainers.

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I'll start by saying that these people annoy me too, so I understand your frustration, and I see the parallels you draw with teams for favourites (and low-value content in general, e.g. gamefreak logic questions). However, I'm not convinced that banning them altogether is the best outcome. I actually think this is a perfect example of when you should down-vote a question.

The reasons I think this are a) the question is at least answerable, and b) I don't completely agree with the way you characterise them here.

These questions aren't helpful at all to anyone else and are not even helpful to the asker themselves.

I think it's a little bit harsh to say that the questions don't help anyone else. Sure, the exact question of whether Petal Dance is good on Roserade in AG is useless from a competitive standpoint, but I 100% believe people would click on that question if they wanted to know about RU instead, or whatever. The advice won't always transfer perfectly between formats, but I think it's enough that the question contributes something to the collection of answers on this platform.

I think it's flat out untrue that the question doesn't help the asker. Both of us know what they should be doing instead, but it's true that in both examples you gave, the asker came away happy with the answer. They also got some advice that I think will help them in the long term: "x Pokemon is more viable in y format, so you should play that instead". I don't always think these people are deliberately throwing games playing favourites -- they just don't know there's a better way of going about that. They go to AG because the name assures them they can play whatever combination of Pokemon they want.

To be clear, I 100% agree that questions which genuinely only service their asker should be heavily considered for a ban (especially if they're tedious to answer). But I don't think this is the greatest example of that.

I also agree with sumwun's point here:

I don't think the editors and moderators should be the ones deciding which Pokemon are viable in which formats.

Although I believe I'd personally be able to pick out questions asking about unviable Pokemon accurately, that won't necessarily be true for every staff member, now or into the future. I think we should avoid having a rule that depends on our knowledge of competitive Pokemon whenever it's possible. (I suppose we could just use stats and VR threads as a reference, but having rules that depend on what Smogon is doing sounds just as messy. Our rules should be within our control.)

It's true that we'd effectively be doing this in the RMT section if we added the new rules from the survey, but I do think it's easier to remove a whole team for lacking awareness than it is to remove one question asking about one Pokemon and one move. My opinion on that might change if we implement that rule and it goes well, though. (BTW you'll be hearing more about those rules soon-ish -- I don't have time to write big PokeBase threads for a couple of weeks.)

Feel free to give counter-arguments to this, what I say doesn't have to stand if it's wrong.

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I think the person asking the Roserade question was already fully aware that Roserade is useless in AG.
"Hey man, i chose heart over power and in AG, you’re allowed to chose any team, and right now, i want a offensive Roserade, no questions asked."

I think this comment of them fully proves that they were aware.
Yes I saw that comment, which is why I say I "don't always" think it's deliberate.
I think an element of what I'm saying is still present in that comment. They're in AG because it guarantees they can play the game how they want to. Maybe if they knew 80% of their team is allowed in RU they'd play that instead.