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My points went down in the Pokebase section. From what I can tell, I haven't been downvoted, and upvotes/best answers weren't removed. While I haven't been keeping track of many other users' points, I did notice another user had a decrease in points. At the end of the day, such a thing won't kill me, these are internet points, but is there a reason this happened?

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How much do you think they decreased?
For me, both sections decreased by 30. Yuya's decreased by like 70.
Edit: I got the ending digits for RMT mixed with Meta, I didn't lose any in RMT but I did for Pokebase.
Doing the math of the points, I've come to the conclusion that our points were showing up higher than they were supposed to earlier, but the points we have now are the correct amount (which is why I suddenly got confused about RMT). Now, the question is why were the point shown incorrectly?
Are you sure you didn’t just imagine it or just genuinely lost points?
I didn't imagine it. For whatever reason, our point amounts were higher before today.

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From points guide:

Hidden posts with no dependent posts beneath them are deleted periodically by the site admin, in which case all point changes involving those posts are cleared with them.

Pokemaster recently ran a script to delete hidden posts with no dependents. He does this somewhat regularly. When such posts are deleted, the votes on them are also cleared, which will cause points to change (i.e. the +10 from up-votes, the −10 from down-votes and the −2 from down-voting the post).

You will find that most people who are active on PokeBase had some minor change in points.

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Ah, thank explains it. Thanks.
This makes sense. I lost a downvote and an upvote and I was confused. my point count didn’t change so I didn’t think anything of it other than I must’ve been misremembering lol

How do you know when pm runs this script?
You can tell he pressed the button when hidden posts with no dependent posts beneath them disappear from the admin. A dependent post is an answer to a question, a comment on an answer, etc.
Yes can confirm, I deleted all the hidden posts. Forgot that it changes points though lol :)
Now it makes sense as to why I randomly gained 6 points, lol.