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Our current setup means users must receive an up-vote to post on walls (or ask five questions and select five answers). This is not always simple to achieve, especially on the Meta and RMT sections. Changing the requirement to 22 would mean users can access wall posting by asking a question then selecting an answer, which is easier for them to do on their own.

Reading between the lines, I think 30 points was chosen over 22 points to reduce susceptibility to spam. I can say through years of experience that 22 points is impossible for spammers to navigate as long as the approval system is in place and it sends edited posts back to the queue (which it does).

Aside: it would be good to simplify the privileges system overall. It's unnecessary for down-voting to be different on each section, and the editing/retagging privileges on Meta and RMT are redundant. I would also like if the points system allowed for odd-numbered points. I'm not against bringing back the +1 for posting an answer, since it would help people get basic privileges even if they don't have a question.

I agree with the 22 point thing.

I think that +1 for an answer is good, but it should be +1 for an answer that is over 200 characters, so people don't spam answers for points. And if the answer is hidden, the point goes away.
The +1 would go away if the answer is hidden. However, a character requirement is not possible with the base Q2A package, so you can be confident it will never happen. (That's not to mention you can write a perfectly good answer with <200 characters.)
Remember when fiction writers were paid by the word?
Of course you don't. None of the books from that time are worth reading.
If you're gonna give people +1 for posting an answer, you're also gonna need to hide every answer, past and present, that doesn't have sauce on it and/or doesn't add anything to the thread. That includes moveset answers for the 2nd part.
If that's drastic measure we'd have to take for people to be comfortable with the idea, then I guess we're not doing it.

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