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For a while now the suggestion to have a search bar in the " Users " section has been up, this is a notice that I found a quick trick for anyone who wants to get to a user ( Who isn't in the top users section ) 's page faster than looking through all of the other pages.

Take your own profile link, Eg. http://pokemondb.net/pokebase/user/195cbdcf73100169

And where your user name is at, change it to the user you want to view's profile's name.

Eg. http://pokemondb.net/pokebase/user/PokemonBlack10

You can easily do it in the top of your browser. Just a heads up to those who get annoyed.

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Isn't this obvious?

And 6 months ago, not a lot of people had really figured that one out.
And since a lot of people were getting steamed about having to go to like page 25 or so looking for a user profile, I decided to make this post.

Either way, 6 months ago xD. I'm pretty sure Mew edited in my new username so the link was fresh.

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Yes this is true. However, I think in most cases when you want to view a user's profile, you've just seen their username in a question/answer so just click that to see them.

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