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So, I'm usually playing on showdown, and I think the metagame is pretty balanced there. And yesterday I got a friend that has a Ditto safari, and I decided to get into Wi-Fi battling. And as I said, the Smogon rules make the metagame balanced on showdown, so I decided to make use of the much less stricter Wi-Fi battling and make the most broken team.

The team at a glance:

Now, you may seem this team is weak to fire types, especially Talonflame, and that's just the case. The only thing that can handle Fire types is Starmie. Please leave suggestions that can change that:-).

P.S. I avoid legendaries because you can't IV breed them.

Here's the team:

Breloom@Toxic Orb

Ability: Poison Heal
Evs: 252Hp, 200SDef, 56Spd
Nature: Careful(+SDef, -SAtk)

Seed Bomb
Drain Punch
Leech Seed

Comment: When it comes to making use of the clauses, a spore machine makes use of the unexistant sleep clause. And Breloom does that job very well. However, the item clause exists, and this isn't Breloom's best set. IMO a Leftovers Techloom is better, but I had to spare my lefties to someone else.

Galvantula@Focus Sash

Ability: Compound Eyes
Evs: 252SAtk, 4SDef, 252Spd
Nature: Timid(+Spd-Atk)

Bug Buzz
Thunder Wave
Sticky Web

Comment: Say hello to the spore machines' best friend: GALVANTULA. That Sticky Web support makes my spore machines(Breloom&Smeargle) outspeed almost anything. Galvantula is also my lead.


Ability: Blaze--->Speed Boost
Evs: 252Hp, 252Atk, 4SDef
Nature: Adamant(+Atk-SAtk)

High Jump Kick
Flare Blitz
Swords Dance

Comment: Hahaha, good bye opponents! You are pretty much dead! Do I have to say anything more?


Ability: Technician
Evs: 252Def, 252SDef, 4Spd
Nature: Impish(+Def-SAtk)

Aerial Ace
Bug Bite
Swords Dance

Comment: A little bit uncommon(I suppose) pokemon, but it looks like a good setup sweeper.


Ability: Natural Cure
Evs: 252SAtk, 4SDef, 252Spd
Nature: Modest(+SAtk-Atk)

Rapid Spin
Ice Beam

Comment: My spinner. I run modest over timid because I heard the speed standards are lower on wifi battling


Ability: Moody
Evs: 252Hp, 112Def, 88SDef, 56Spd
Nature: Jolly(+Spd-SAtk)

Quiver Dance
Baton Pass

Comment: As I said earlier, I want to make use of the clauses, and this guy is a spore machine AND it has moody. Excellent, isn't it?

Please leave suggestions on improvements/changes!

-ETH 01


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This team looks awesome! Allow me to give my 2 cents' worth of feedback:

Breloom - Looks good; consider running Adamant over Careful, as only half of the Pokémon you battle are special attackers anyway, and you're also running Drain Punch, which would benefit from Adamant.
(Side Note: I actually think that Poison Heal is better than Technician because it can't be ruined by Trick or Knock Off and it makes Breloom immune to status problems, i.e. Paralysis, Sleep, and Burns)

Galvantula - Good; for a lead I suggest replacing one of its moves with Volt Switch.

Blaziken - Looks great. You could swap Protect for a coverage move like Thunderpunch or Shadow Claw, since Swords Dance is there to eat up a turn anyway. Your choice, however.

The rest of the team members are perfect. Nothing to say, except wow, your team looks amazing (oh, and thank goodness for the new rules that make answers like this acceptable). :)

Hope I helped!

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Thanks alot for this answer! You helped me alot!
You're welcome.  Anytime :).