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This team works very well in 1200+ elo so far i am winning most battles but Im not sure how well this works

Demonfish (Chi-Yu) @ Choice Specs
Ability: Beads of Ruin
Tera Type: Grass
EVs: 252 SpA / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Timid Nature
- Overheat
- Dark Pulse
- Psychic
- Tera Blast

Chi-yu is here for obvious reasons, being able to one shot most mons without any boosts and is also here to counter fighting types, ghost types, grass types, psychic types and it also includes other mons with grass-type tera blast to cover ground and water types

Futurama (Miraidon) @ Choice Specs
Ability: Hadron Engine
Tera Type: Electric
EVs: 252 SpA / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Timid Nature
- Electro Drift
- Dazzling Gleam
- Volt Switch
- Draco Meteor

Miraidon is not to be underestimated, one it boosts his SpA while also having volt switch to let him switch out to Iron valiant dazzling gleam to predict garchomp switchins which happens most of the time and choice specs + electric terrain which means it might OHKO a few things allowing me to snatch up some momentum and allowing the rest to sweep

the hound (Houndstone) @ Safety Goggles
Ability: Sand Rush
Tera Type: Ghost
EVs: 252 Atk / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Adamant Nature
- Last Respects
- Stomping Tantrum
- Play Rough
- Facade

Houndstone might seem random with the Safety goggles until you see its ability and tyranitar with sand stream and houndstone is the last mon i send out to sweep with last respects with a base power of either 250 or 300, even higher than explosion, which will most likely sweep the rest of their mons

Mate, He's Big (Tyranitar) @ Smooth rock
Ability: Sand Stream
Tera Type: Rock
EVs: 252 Atk / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Jolly Nature
- Thunder Wave
- Stealth Rock
- Rock Blast
- Stomping Tantrum

Tyranitar is here for setting up sandstorm and getting off a paralysis due to thunder wave and he is to be used as my second to last mon in order for Houndstone to start sweeping with sand rush boosting his speed and a base power 250-300 Last Respects (Whether or not Ttar died)

Gardellade (Iron Valiant) @ Life Orb
Ability: Quark Drive
Tera Type: Fairy
EVs: 252 Atk / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Naive Nature
- Swords Dance
- Spirit Break
- Close Combat
- Shadow Sneak

Iron Valiant is here for some of the reasons ceruledge is, good ghost type checker, shadow sneak for priority good coverage options, and this is a physical build for him as Iron Valiant has a staggering base attack stat of 130 plus with miraidon to set up electric terrain it can use that in order to activate quark drive and raise his speed

Dark Knight (Ceruledge) @ Focus Sash
Ability: Weak Armor
Tera Type: Fire
EVs: 252 Atk / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Jolly Nature
- Bitter Blade
- Shadow Sneak
- Swords Dance
- Close Combat

Ceruledge is here as the ghost type checker, and with the focus sash you can use turn one swords dance and turn two Shadow Sneak and if they use a physical move you will also be faster than most mons to bag one or two extra kills.

As a side note instead of Ceruledge, this works too

Murasama (Chien-Pao) @ Choice Band
Ability : Sword Of ruin
Tera Type : Ice
Evs : 252 Atk, 4 def, 252 Speed
Adamant Nature
- ice Shard
- Ice Spinner
- Sucker Punch
- Sacred Sword

Chien-Pao is a physical attacker that can deal heavy damage if anything makes the mistake of being weak to his attacks most of the time he either will one-shot or heavily cripple anything he hits, sucker punch is for coverage Ice shard is good priority, Ice spinner high damage and sacred sword for other coverages

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I guess so, i mean overheat could work on Miraidon but alternatively i could just U-turn into chi yu or Ceruledge, but that also carries the risk of those two getting absolutely owned by a ground type move and ill also try changing "Mate He's Big's" EV spread
On Tyranitar, Equake over Stomping Tantrum probably also. I guess you could run Jolly on Chien-Pao, your choice
Yeah, i guess so, Equake already has 100 BP and Stomping tantrum relies on a move failing in order to do any significant damage. Having a move fail is opening yourself up to get beaten, so far this team is working so well, boasting me a 66.8% Win/Loss ratio and 1419 ELO. but i think i'm running Ceruledge over Chien-Pao as he has the same 4x weakness that "Mate, He's Big" does, while having none of the same defensive qualities.

Also i tried Overheat on both choice scarf and choice specs Mirai but after the battle i did with Scarf and Overheat I prefer Gleam over Overheat as it just seems to work better
1486 elo! last win until im out of low ladder hell! Pray for me
Your team is utterly annihilated by speed control. Scarf Koraidon and Iron Bundle in particular just dismantle this team, they require an emergency tera to take down. Chi-yu without sun or fire tera takes away from its use as a wallbreaker, and honestly overheat over just using a reliable fire STAB like fire blast or flamethrower seems pointless. Ceruledge doesn’t do anything in particular another strong physical attacker can’t, it’s just outclassed by Pokémon that simply have better stats. Houndstone + TTar is niche, to put it kindly, especially when the things that stop the strategy are exactly what counters the rest of your team. You also completely lack hazard control.

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Before reading the comment chain, I saw two main problems: the Houndstone and Tyranitar duo, and the lack of speed control as Sea said. For example, Ceruledge, Chien-Pao, and Chi-Yu desperately need hazard clearance (why only the C's?), and using two 'mons for a strategy that is blown by one Koraidon is pointless. Let's go deeper:

Chi-Yu: I think a Scarfed Modest Chi-Yu would be a better fit as speed control, especially since Koraidon needs to be on this team. Overheat and Flamethrower for different situations (do calcs if unsure) as well as Psychic and Dark Pulse, since Chi-Yu generally doesn't need that much coverage, especially with Koraidon's Sun.
Miraidon: You lack a decent wincon, so let's throw in a Double Dance Miraidon in the mix. You should probably check out my set or Smogon's Double Dance set for help there. Specs seems good, but it ultimately doesn't fit this team. Tera Fairy over all as well. Make sure Treads and Clodsire are out before sending this in.
Houndstone: Way too niche, only works in low ladder occasionally. Easily beat by any Koraidon set, so let's just add Koraidon! A Banded set would work well here to help Mirai, but I think any Korai set could still work well.
Tyranitar: Again, way too niche. I'd add a spinning defensive Great Tusk set here, probably using Smogon's, since you so desperately need hazard removal. A good physical wall couldn't hurt either, and Rocks just sweetens the deal. Tera Steel is a nice way to counter Mane and OHKO with the 172 Atk EVs.
Iron Valiant: Flutter Mane would be much better here. Valiant is outsped by nearly every threat, so even if it did get a Swords Dance boost it would be decimated by a Flare Blitz Koraidon. A Calm Mind set could make a potent wallbreaker, and a great partner with Koraidon.
Ceruledge/Chien-Pao: Chien-Pao is much better. Ceruledge is destroyed by hazards and priority, as well as being severely outclassed, so maybe a Focus Sash Swords Dance set would be better, as half of your team being Choiced is not very optimal.

Hope I helped!